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Our Solution

We’ll give you everything you need to generate and store energy - the solar panels, the battery, and the software to manage the system via our ‘R Energy’ app. Our system maximises your savings and revenue, by reducing the amount of electricity you import from the grid and using your system to help the wider energy system when you do not need it. You can monitor all of this via your ‘R Energy’ app.

Our service also ensures that you are on the best electricity contract for your home, ensuring maximum savings.

You will also get access to our 24/7 customer service portal where you can our team anything relating to your solar panels, battery, app and electricity contract.

Already have solar panels?
No problem!

Let us turbo charge your system, upgrading it from a generator to a full power station. Our solution for existing solar users includes battery storage, and our ‘R Energy’ app. This allows you to both generate and store electricity, as well as manage and control how your system connects with the electricity grid.

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