Our Story

Resilience Energy aims to turn all UK homes into personal power stations allow homeowners to produce, store and sell renewable energy via our managed service and our ‘R Energy’ app. Homeowners can cut their electricity bills by up to 80% and become energy self-sufficient.

How we do this

We’ll give you everything you need to generate and store energy - the solar panels, the battery, software to manage the system via our ‘R Energy’ app. Our system maximises your savings and revenue, by reducing the amount of electricity you import from the grid and using your system to help the wider energy system when you do not need it.

Why this is important

25% of global emissions come from how we produce electricity and heat (IPCC). If we’re serious about slowing down climate change, we need to do things differently, and this includes how we generate electricity and heat.

We believe there’s an alternative energy solution. We want shake-up the monopoly of the ‘big six’ by offering energy self-sufficiency to consumers.

We’re doing this for our children, our grandchildren and the polar bears.