Solar Energy Mis-selling

Resilience Energy is saddened by the news that thousands of people have been mis-sold solar panels. We have spent a lot of time and effort developing an energy model that helps forecast how much energy a customer can generate and therefore save. Our projections are often much lower than our competitors, and we often lose business as a result, and we are proud of our standards. It is better to lose business than to lie to customers!

It is unfortunate that today this process of miss selling is continuing with residential battery sales. Some customers are being promised the world and will be disappointed in the coming years by the reality. The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is looking to bring in regulation around the sale of residential batteries, and we applaud this.

When buying a renewable energy system for your home, it is really important to fully understand the quote. If it looks to good, then it probably is! If you find the salespeople overly pushy, just put the phone down on them; there are no obligations to buy!

Solar panels with batteries is a brilliant solution to not only save yourself SOME money, but it also helps the UK reach its challenging carbon reduction targets. This is an investment, so take the time in getting to know what you are buying and shop around. Let's not let a handful of unscrupulous salespeople ruin what is an absolutely awesome solution!