No Feed-In-Tariff?  No Problem


If you were lucky enough to have registered for the Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) before 1 April 2019, well done and that’s great for you!  You are likely to have just secured income for the next twenty years inline with an annual Retail Price Index (RPI) adjustment.

But what about everyone else?  The Government is looking at new ways to support local renewable generation in a world post-FIT, and issued a consultation at the start of 2019 on a proposed ‘Smart Export Guarantee’ (SEG) system, which is essentially passing the responsibility on to energy suppliers. Government are currently analysing the feedback and only time will tell on the exact details of how this will pan out...

In the meantime, Resilience Energy has come up with a post-FIT solution as we couldn’t wait for lengthy government decisions.   We believe that lasting change starts at home and that’s why our customers get more than just their solar panels and battery storage.

Solar panels + battery storage + ‘R Energy’ app = full control of your electricity

Our customers also get the ‘R Energy’ app which learns your energy consumption patterns through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning and then sets the battery charge to inform you when you have spare energy in the battery.  When our customers have spare energy in their battery, we sell this back to either the local distribution network or the national grid, depending on who is offering the best price. This helps balance the wider energy system, (important behind the scenes work to basically keep the lights on), and makes additional money for our customers - basically a win-win for everyone.  This is new but not new. Commercial customers have benefitted from this for many years - keeping their electricity costs down, and in many cases making them money. Our package offers this service to homeowners too. We do this because as we as we said earlier, we believe lasting change starts at home with the vital change that's needed to make our world a cleaner, more sustainable place for us and our future generations.

We want to help create a carbon neutral world where our customers are able to self-generate all the energy they need to live whilst supporting the UK's target to achieve net-zero greenhouse gases by 2050.

Our customers won’t need additional energy.  They will produce plenty from their solar panels, leaving them with net zero energy bills, and carbon-free homes.  And of course, we’re thinking about the bigger picture - our children and our grandchildren.  I personally don’t have children, but I’m very mindful that these young people will be looking after me when I’m old, so that’s why I care.  Plus I care about the polar bears.