Does having solar panels mean I can’t watch Netflix at night time?


No!  Over the years the advancements in technology mean that solar panels work really well in daylight, and not just when the sun is shining - quite a crucial point if you live in Blighty!  Furthermore, the package we offer at Resilience Energy includes battery storage and selling excess back to the grid.

We’re on a mission to turn all UK homes into mini power stations, meaning homeowners do not need to rely on dirty, polluting fossil fuel generation that is contributing to climate change and essentially destroying our planet.   

About 25% of global emissions come from how we produce electricity and heat (IPCC), and if we’re serious about slowing down climate change, we need to do things differently, and this includes how we generate electricity and heat.

However, just because the way we generate electricity and heat needs to change, which is currently through fossil fuel power stations such as coal or gas, the way we use electricity doesn’t necessarily. Of course, it would be good if we did all reduce electricity, but we know behaviour change is hard. That’s why at Resilience Energy, we make sure you have enough solar and energy storage for your needs - we work this out by looking at your average energy annual consumption (EAC), which can be found on your bill.  We then take any surplus energy from your battery and sell it back to the grid - you will be helping balance the wider energy network as well as making money. And in the unlikely situation that you need more energy, you will simply draw it from the grid in the normal way.

This way our customers know that they can simply get on with their lives, knowing that they energy needs are being looked after.  So to answer the original question, having solar panels does not mean you can’t watch Netflix at night. Happy solar watching!