Powering your home for sustainable living


We believe that lasting change begins at home and that vital change is needed to make our world a cleaner, more sustainable place for us and our future generations.

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Produce your own 100% renewable energy


We want to create a carbon neutral world where you are able to self-generate all the energy you need to live whilst supporting the UK's target to achieve net-zero greenhouse gases by 2050. This means you only need the energy produced from your solar panels, leaving you with a net zero energy bill, and a carbon-free home.

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‘R Energy’ app

Monitoring - You will be able to see how much energy is being generated, the charge status of the battery, and how much electricity is being imported and exported to the grid.  

Management  - We will manage your energy system and how it connects to the grid.  We set the battery charge schedule by learning your consumption patterns through AI and machine learning.  If you have excess power, we sell this back to the grid.

Customer Services - The ‘R Energy’ app or website is your 24/7 support for all enquiries for your power station system, including your solar panels, battery, management of the system and electricity contract.

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How it works

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Our solution includes solar panels, battery storage, and our ‘R energy’ app. This means you can generate and store electricity, as well as manage and control how your system is interfacing with the electricity grid.

Our service also ensures that you are on the best electricity contract for your household, ensuring maximum savings. 

You will also get access to our customer service portal where you are can ask our team anything relating to your solar panels, battery, app or electricity contract.

Contact us today for a complimentary site visit from one of our team. During the visit we will talk to you about our system, answer any questions you may have on solar panels and energy storage batteries.


Our Packages

The size of the system you need depends on several factors:

  • how much electricity you use

  • how much money are you willing to invest

  • what is the size of your roof

Take a look at your electricity bill and look for Estimated Annual Consumption (EAC) to understand how much energy you use on average.

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Small 3 bed house with less than 3000kWh per year usage.

This will include a 2kW solar, 4kWh battery and access to the ‘R Energy’ app.

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Average 3 bed house with less than 6000kWh per year usage.

This will include a 4kW solar, 8kWh battery and the ‘R Energy’ app.

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Larger than average 3 bed house with less than 6000kWh per year usage

This will include a 4kW solar, 12kWh battery and the ‘R Energy’ app.